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The Marathon-iOS project is an initiative that brings Bungie’s classic Marathon trilogy to iOS devices.

What is it? The Marathon-iOS project is a native port of Classic Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity for iOS. The Marathon trilogy was developed and released by Bungie in the mid-90s. Unlike contemporary games like Doom, Marathon included a rich lore, interesting story, and featured plenty of puzzles and light platforming in addition to its first-person shooting action.

Why is it significant? The Marathon trilogy put Bungie on the map in a big way and was massively influential in their creation of Halo: Combat Evolved several years later.

How did it come to iOS? Just prior to the Microsoft acquisition, Bungie released the Marathon 2 engine source code to the public, which resulted in an enhanced version of that engine dubbed Aleph One. This has been used for over two decades for community-created Marathon projects and ports. Daniel Blezek ported the original Marathon to the iPad as a side project, and we have been improving it ever since.

Did it have Bungie’s blessing? Yes, we license the game with permission from Bungie and other contributors.

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